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About Us

At Clever-Site we design and develop websites and web applications.

We create - among others - visiting pages, CMS-based websites (which allow you to add content yourself) and e-commerce solutions, for example, online stores and hybrid mobile applications. We use the latest technology, and in creating our solutions we pay attention to every detail. We provide great customer service and assistance in choosing the best solution.

Our goal is to provide the customer with a visually attractive, functional and efficient product that will benefit them and their business.

Each project starts with an in-depth conversation with the customer, which determines what product, functionality and look will best suit their needs. Thorough understanding of customer wishes allows us to build a project fulfilling their expectations.

Our company uses a fast and efficient web server to store customers’ websites and web applications.

We do not leave the customer to their own devices when the page is published and given to them. For applications based on CMS, online stores and mobile applications, we can provide further technical support. We can help with updates that enhances the security and functionality of the site.

Why Choose Us

Responsive Design

All the websites we create are fully responsive.

This guarantees that the page displays perfectly regardless of whether the page is displayed on a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone

Product Quality

We focus on product quality

We care that every product is polished in every detail. We thoroughly test the site and the application before passing it on to the client.

Why choose Us?

Make our Customers Happy.

We are open to the suggestions of the customer; ensuring the customer receives the project he needs. We can provide support when the page is published and given to the client.


Marcin Web Developer


Web Developer

I’m a UWS graduate and I studied Web and Mobile Development. Building websites, coding and programming is not only my job, but also my passion.

Over the years, I have participated in all aspects of building sites (both frontend and backend). I have a high level of expertise to create beautiful and dynamic web applications that utilise client and server-side scripting.

My skills

  • PHP
  • Sql
  • Laravel
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Javascript

Our Offer

Individual approach and creativity.


  • Full Support of HTML5
  • Responsive design
  • Attractive look
  • Dynamic slider
  • Up to 6 pages
  • Contact form
  • Google map with the company address
  • Submission of website to the Google search engine
  • Submission of the company address to the Google maps
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Purchasing of the domain
  • 1year of web hosting on our server
  • Up to 3 stock photos
  • 1 professional email address within the domain
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from 1099£
  • Content Management System based on WordPress or Joomla
  • Administration Panel that makes it easy to create, edit and delete the content
  • Attractive look, Responsive design
  • Interactive Slider, Contact form
  • Implementation of the user-friendly links system
  • Adding of the content and photo gallery to the created CMS system – up to 6 pages
  • Purchase of domain
  • 1 year of the web hosting on our server
  • Purchase of 3 stock photos
  • 3 email addresses within the domain
  • Google map with the company address (presented on client’s website)
  • Submission of website to the Google search engine
  • Submission of the company address to the Google maps
  • Automatic backup of the websites database (up to 3 days)

Online Shop

from 1999£
  • Building and launching of online store on the server (Presta or WooCommerce)
  • Responsive design
  • Attractive look
  • Adding of 25 products to the store
  • Adjusting of the slider and colour scheme to the customer’s needs
  • Access to the admin panel (allows adding, editing and deletion of the products)
  • Integration with payments API and PayPal
  • We explain our customers how to use the online store
  • 1 year of the web hosting on our server
  • Purchase of domain
  • Contact form
  • 1 email address within the domain
  • Purchase of 3 stock photos
  • Submission of website to the Google search engine
  • SSL certificate
  • Automatic backup of the store database

Web Application

Price is negotiable
  • Works using a web browser
  • Graphical and responsive administration panel
  • User login and registration functionalities
  • Managing and displaying of a list of products
  • Efficient database connection
  • Users permissions
  • Online calculators tailored to the customer’s needs
  • E-mail functionalities
  • Exporting of the invoices to the .pdf format
  • ORM mechanisms
  • We focus on the app’s security
  • Easy to use
  • Full scalability
  • Efficient communication between client and server
  • Web application can be improved and modified at relatively low cost
  • Integration with API

Mobile Application

Price is negotiable
  • Mobile application
  • Hybrid application (works on Android, iOS and Windows Phone)
  • Responsive design
  • User regitstration functionality
  • User login functionality
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Can utilise the database
  • Can utilise Local storage
  • Functions according to customer’s idea (coded in JavaScript)
  • Application can utilise device’s features such as:
  • Camera, contacts, accelerometer, dialog boxes, file storage, geolocation, vibration, Google Maps
  • Submitting of the app to the Google Play and App Store

Sample proposals for your Websites

In this section, we present examples of how your site might look. We can modify the presence of a website to customer needs.


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Web Development

We build professional web sites of every kind from simple website pages through portals and information services, all tailored to the specific needs of the customer’s business. Properly built website will present your company’s offers and services and most importantly built a positive image of your company.
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Content Management System allows adding, editing and deletion of the content of the website easily and in an efficient way. It is easy to use, due to the graphical User Interface. CMS separates the look of the page from its content, therefore implementation of changes to site’s look would be quick and simple.
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We can implement CRM systems within your company. It helps managing customer relationships to increase sales effectiveness. The most popular CRMs are SalesForce and Suite CRM. The CRM system fulfills 3 basic functions: acquiring, maximizing and maintaining relationships with customers.
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Mobile Application

We create hybrid mobile apps for mobile devices - smartphones and tablets, both for android and iOS. Our main goal is to provide a modern and aesthetic design. We use the latest technology and tools for all our projects, so you can be sure that your application will meet all the requirements of today's market.
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We design and develop online stores. In this process, we use the market’s leading and trusted solutions. Our designs are distinguished by their attractive appearance, advanced features, high level of security and intuitive navigation. These features make your store stand out from the competition.
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E-mail Marketing

We provide marketing success for your company. If you are responsible for marketing of your company, be sure to check out our e-mail marketing offer. It will allow you to gain new clients, increase your sales and profits. Send company newsletters to inform clients about your promotions, new products etc.
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Website positioning service is a collection of large amount of optimization activities on the website. This is to increase its visibility in search results, which is expected to result in increased traffic to the site and thus a better chance of attracting additional customers.
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Customised JavaScript and PHP code

We are able to add new functionalities to your site. We use our programming skills to create customized code on both client and server side. We are also able to design and build a database required to develop advanced data-driven web applications.
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Dedicated Applications

We design and create dedicated systems and web applications. For this purpose, we use frameworks. The advantage of a web application is that it can be used by users regardless of their operating system. In our company, we use the Laravel framework. It allows us to add advanced features to our projects. Laravel speeds up the process of development and simplifies interactions with database.


We use the latest technologies to provide you with a full range of internet solutions.

Contact us

We would love to hear about your project ideas and would be happy to arrange a time that suits you for us to get in touch. Send the form or call the number: +44 07403457105

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